Benwood Foundation

Created in 1944 by the family of Benjamin Thomas, founder of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, the Benwood Foundation serves as a positive changemaker for the Chattanooga area. In 2013, Benwood approached Widgets & Stone and 26 Tools to create an entirely new brand strategy, voice, and visual identity that aligned with their forward-thinking mission for Chattanooga. The creative team developed an identity that is built around a street-like grid of imagery that highlights the foundation’s work in an authentic, journalistic manner. The new logo expresses Benwood’s straightforward, yet quietly influential character, with allusions to a simple street sign—visually understated, yet vital to a community’s sense of place, direction, and connectedness.

agency / Widgets & Stone, 26 Tools
creative direction / Paul Rustand, Mandy Lamb, Caleb Ludwick
design + photography direction / Benjamin Dicks
photography / Grant Dotsons
web design + dev / Tubatomic

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